Analysis Services

Analysis Services

Information Analysis Capabilities

Terrain Analysis utilizing PLR identification discipline
Custom behaviour profiles – statistical, psychological,historical
Air photo interpretations – anomaly detection
Confinement distance identification
Identification of highly probable locations
Resource allocation advice –
Differential Sign Analysis
Shifting Probability Analysis
Subject Situational Analysis
Probability Audit

Physical Anomaly Analysis Capabilities [General]

Anomaly collection [procedures and packaging]
Anomaly preservation [documentation, drying,isolation]
General descriptive observation and documentation [photo, video, narrative]
Ultraviolet analysis both short wave and high power long wave
Non-destructive blood detection
Body fluid analysis for subject matching
Luminol examination technique for suspect sign areas and articles
Hair and Fibre analysis
Fingerprint detection, matching and analysis
Custom scent article creation [scent discriminating cadaver K-9]
DNA sample collection and preservation [when required]
Onsite footprint digital and film photo processing [tracking slides]

Please note : All analysis procedures are conducted for the purpose of augmenting the available information in regards to a wilderness missing person incident. The intent of the analysis information is to assist the decision process of allocating search resources. Laboratory or analysis procedures conducted by the Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia’s Special Service Unit “Analysis Division” are not admissible in a Court of Law.