Project Lifesaver British Columbia Agency Enrollment

Project Lifesaver British Columbia Agency Enrollment

The Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia (SARBC) is the BC Provincial Training Agency for Project Lifesaver Electronic Search Specialist training and the Western Canada Air Training Center for Project Lifesaver Electronic Air Search Specialist training.

As Provincial Coordinators we:


  • Establish, promote, develop and coordinate educational programs to educate BC communities on Project Lifesaver.
  • Maintain partnerships with our community partners to promote the health and safety, with people with Alzheimers, Dementia, Downs or Autism within our community.
  • Promote the formation of local Project Lifesaver chapters within the province by providing support in the form of guidance, educational materials and training.
  • Promote standardization of Project Lifesavers Chapters within the provincial umbrella by preparing and communicating operating procedures, programs, templates and software in conjunction with Project Lifesaver International.TRAINING

    Training for a new agency includes two days of on-site instruction for up to 15 people in your agency, provided by the Provincial Coordinator (a law enforcement professional or Search and Rescue team certified by PLI to train others). Also provided is one-day training for up to six members to be trained as instructors for your group and to re-certify your trained members every two years. Each new agency will also receive training on Alzheimers and Autism, as well as other disorders, to help when responding to a missing client.

    All agencies interested in starting the program must submit a Letter of Intent and signed Operational Agreement to either the Provinical Coordinator or Project Lifesaver International Headquarters. The Letter of Intent can be sent via: Fax:(250-383-6849 (for BC), Attn: Penny, or email or mailed to 23 Burnside Road West, Victoria, BC, V9A 6Z7, Attn: Penny.

    To obtain a copy of the Operational Agreement (that should accompany the Letter of Intent), please contact SARBC as above

    Air Training for Existing Project Lifesaver Agencies

    If you are interested in Air Training please contact SARBC as above.