Advanced Human Detection Division

Advanced Human Detection Division (AHD)

Small fast moving teams using alternate light spectrum search methods to increase the overall effectiveness of ground search teams.

AHD – Teams

Advanced Human Detection (AHD) teams are air transportable and trained for long range independent search missions. The AHD teams are capable of establishing automated confinement and when appropriate self contained attraction equipment. Team members work in three person units utilizing alternate light spectrum type one tactics. By utilizing AHD members with traditional search teams twenty four hour search coverage can be maintained. This is due to the fact AHD methods are best utilized during night operations. The AHD team, using non-traditional search methods, exists to assist and augment any search effort in B.C.

Obviously not all search situations will require the services of an AHD team. Possible search situations for utilization of a AHD team:

  • Second operational search period with no results
  • Limited personnel for confinement maintenance
  • Missing despondent or children
  • Vast search area tasks
  • Discreet search operations

AHD – Evidence Detection

A specialized team capable of locating and cataloguing evidence as it pertains to law enforcement or scene specific requirements.

The AHD Evidence members provide support when requested for the purposes of extreme high probability of detection. Selected search areas are combed using both forensic and alternate spectrum search techniques. The acquired targets are flagged, logged and plotted for possible use in a court of law. The entire team follows under the complete direction of the controlling agency. When working for a non-law enforcement agency, evidence preservation and packaging services are available. These services follow a strict evidence control and lock up procedure.

Advanced Human Detection